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Looking for Boiler Repair in London ? We’re here to help.

We are Omega Group and we are West London’s leading heating company. All our heating engineers are registered with the Gas Safety Register which means that they are accredited to work on and repair your gas boiler.We also do professional Boiler Repair In London.

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BOILER BREAKDOWN LONDON – COMMON BOILER PROBLEMS top rated boiler service in london omegagroupltd

  • Radiators failing to heat up

    Because of trapped air, dirty water in the system, or faulty radiator valves.

  • Low boiler pressure

    When boilers continuously lose pressure or switch off, the culprit may be a leak on the central heating system or automatic air vent, a faulty pressure relief valve or a failing expansion vessel.

  • Flashing lights on the boiler

    Often to do with the boiler electrics and circuitry. We use multi-meters to locate the issue and replace the faulty component. Pumps can wear out or seize. Fans can get stuck and circuits boards can blow.

  • No hot water

    This can be the result of several of the issues above or blockages in the boiler. We replace heat ex-changers and run tests to get your showers running hot again as quickly as possible.

We can make recommendations on how to improve your boiler’s energy efficiency. We also provide reminders on when your boiler or gas appliances are due for annual servicing. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with proper boiler maintenance.


Looking for Boiler Repair in London ? We’re here to help.

Working with any gas appliance calls for skill, formal training and experience. Engineers without the right qualifications can put you and your property at serious risk. At Omega Group as a best service provider of Boiler Repair London, safety and quality is our top priority, all of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and fully qualified to work on your gas appliances. We are also registered with APHC, the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors Limited. It’s the UK’s professional and technical body for plumbing and heating engineers.